why so far away?
8:27 PM | 10-09-03

Why is it that great people in your life always have to live so far away? I luv the people who are surrounded arounded me now but I can*t help but wonder what my life would be like with a different group of people. People who I relationships with, who live far away. Nick, would be my best guy friend...I would go to him if I ever needed help with a guy, or if I needed some pointers in my fighting techniques. hahhaa...I know Nick would be for me day and night, and help me realize what is really important and morals in every situation. Nate, I would go to lunch with him every wednesday and talk about traveling all over the world, i would take trips with him too, and because of how smart he is, I know he could teach me alot and help me enjoy everything around me. Michelle, I would talk to her about everything under the sun that I couldnt discuss with a guy, sex, gossip, moviestars, and things too stupid to understand. jared, who also happens to be my ex ex boyfriend has become one of those great people to talk to becuase heknows all about politics, and also has dated me, so whenever I have a question about myself or dating someone I can always ask him, because as we all know ex boyfriends always seem to develop a kind bitterness towards you and brutal truth. I like him sooo much for that. I would drink coffee with him and call him late at night to discuss all my awkward moments with guys and questions about sex. Oh, and if I ever had a question about the news, I*d throw that in there too. These are just to name a few people i wish I had more contact with, and LIVED CLOSER! My lil world would be so perfect!! AHHHH....I was sick today...all this morning 2AM to 7AM....then the wonderful city of marquette decided to trim the bloody tree right outside my window. So, it was louder than hell here. lovely...why the hell not riht? Other than that, it*s thursday, one week and one day technically till my 21st birthday. I am watching sex and the city right now, and by the way, i cant help but notice how much my hair seems to resemble carrie bradshaws. weird. Anyway, I am not going out tonight because I am saving myself for next week...cuz gawd knows I will be drinking enough for a large portion of marquette resisdents next week. Hehehe...well....those are my thoughts...for right now....ta ta for now! *wink* peace

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Time: 8:27 PM
Date: 10-09-03
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