early mornin tanning
9:58 AM | 09-26-03

Once my lover

Now my friend

What a cruel thing

To pretend

What a cunning way

To condescend

Once my lover and

Now my friend

Oh, you creep up

Like the clouds

And you set my soul at ease

Then you let

Your love abound

And you bring me

To my knees

Oh, it's evil, babe

The way you let

Your grace enrapture me

When will you know

I'd be insane

To ever let that

Dirty game recapture me

You made me

A shadowboxer, baby

I wanna be ready

For what you do

I've been swinging

All around me

'Cause I don't know

When you're gonna

Make your move

Oh, your gaze

Is dangerous

And you fill your

Space so sweet

If I let you

Get too close

You'll set your

Spell on me

So darlin'

I just wanna say

Just in case

I don't come through

I was on to every play

I just wanted you

But, oh, it's so evil

My love

The way you've no

Reverence to my concern

So I'll be sure to

Stay wary of you, love

To save the pain of

Once my flame and

Twice my burn

~*~Fiona Apple~*~

It says it all, and I*ve said it before, and I*ll say it again. I luv Fiona Apple. Her music is so deep. It*s early. I got up at 8AM and went tanning, the guy and the tanning place, who i have frequent chit chats with, asked me why the hell i was up so early. I told him becuase I coulsnt sleep and that I was leaving fo WI to see one of my buddies in WI. He immediatly implied, oh, so your boyfriend. I said oh gawd no, cuz he really isn*t. He said...guys can never be just friends. Then I thought about the movie "When Harry met Sally" You know that conversation they have in that movie about how when guys and girls are friends, it can never work cuz all you think about is having sec with them? Now I wonder, is this true? Are ALL my relationships with men revoled around this? Could they honestly be thinking about having sex with me?? NEVER!! I know I have guy friends who I would never in a thousand years have sex with them. I dunno, confuses the hell outta me. maybe it*s only true for guys, but that would make them pretty damn horny...oh yah thats right most guys are~!! *lol* Why in hell do friendships have to revolve around sex. I will never know. Sometimes there are greater things in a friendship. I just don*t get how friends can have sex and then not want a relationship. THAT whole incidence would make me so freakin psycho...holy hell. This is why I don*t want to put myself in that position anytime soon. Good idea, I know. BAD was supposed to call me this morning so we could hang out, but, i doubt he will, his parents being here and everything. I don*t think he knows I am going outta town, kinda feel bad, but if he doesnt call, well....is loss right? Guys are messed up. And when they*re messed up they make everything around them mixed up and confusing. I wonder sometimes if anything is ever going to be concrete, or atleast stay true for more than a month. It seems like when I think about before, like 2 years ago, alot more things made sence, I knew where I was going, what i had to do to get there, and who would be with me. Now, I don*t have a fuhking clue. Proves....nothing lasts forever. It*s the sh*t afterwards that makes is crazy and confused. well...gotta go pack....slink around the house...and listen to fionna :*)

peace out.... *MUAH*

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