7:38 PM | 09-18-03

I wouldn't know what to do with another chance if you gave it to me

i couldn't take the embrace of a real romance it'd race right through me

i'm much better off the way things are

much much better off, better of by far, by far

i wouldn't know what to say to a gentle voiceit'd roll right past me

and if you chalk it up you'll see i don't really have a choice so don't even ask me

i'm much beter off, the way things are

much much better off, better by far

so keep on calling me names, keep on, keep on

and i'll keep kicking the crap till it's gone

and i'll keep on killing,

you could get me to settle

and as soon as i settle,

i bet i'll be able to move on

how can i fight, when we're on the same side how can i fight beside you

So keep on calling me names, keep on, keep on and i'll keep kicking the crap till its gone if you keep on killing

you could get me to settle and as soon as i settlei bet i'll able to move on..

Days liek these, we all need a lil fiona apple. I luv her, her music is just, i dunno, how it is sometimes. I have a mood for her, SliNky, SaSsy, and never sweet. That*s how I feel right now. I luv it. I am at the rents house now. I am glad I am home, away from the madness. School is great, but I need a break. I came into town to the town police car (Terry), who would never pull me over, honked at me. My mum said, "Only you could come into town and speed along a police officer and have him honk at you to say hello" It*s kinda funny. I thought. haha....Saturday I get my extentions. I am so freakin excited. I am like AHHHH...can*t wait! other than that, school is school, and all that. Boys continue to confuse the hell outta me, so I am taking a big break from them. I don*t need anyone right now, I think I am enough for myself. Besides, you like a guy, and it just ends up making things complicated and messed up. Plus, lets face it, you, yourself turn into a psycho whacko that you never would believe you could be. Talking to different people lately has shown me alot about people, how some are SnAkeS, some a BEEEEEOOOTTCCHES, and some, are just in it for the ride. I dunno anymore, nothing lasts forever, nothing, and people, are never always honest. It*s weird, I*m upset about something that I knew was going to happen. Now what the fuhk? I set this all up, to come crashing down on me, and ooohhhh did it. it*s funny when I think about it. It*s like walking down a sidewalk, there*s a ladder, aand you could easily walk around it, but you choose to walk under the ladder. WHY!!!! Maybe youdon*t beleive in superstition, but WHY...why RISK it!! My gawd. Well, don*t feel bad, I do it. I set myself up for the heartache, the misery, and all that crap. Hope someone out there has gotta plan for me. Hopefully I won*t be in the insane assylum. I figured out a few things though, out there, there are people who are sneakier, have different motives than you may believe. Sometimes they act upon you, you get dragged down, in the all the vicious and hurtful wreckage, but, you recover. It may take a week, or more, and they may know more than you do, but that*s okay, cuz in the end, you will be the only one standing, cuz it will catch up to them, and maybe you won*t even be there to watch them fall, but you gottta have that faith, that we all get knocked down, and we all get up. Sooner or later...*Smilez* I don*t need anyone but myself to get me through this, and if there*s someone there, well, then that*s a bonus.

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Time: 7:38 PM
Date: 09-18-03
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