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9:39 PM | 08-21-03

Well lots actually has happened iver the past couple days. Kristin finally came home, since, Kristen, Kristin, and I have been living at the beach, soaking up the sun! Kristin got burnt, Kristen finally got some color, and me, well I*m a different minority! Anyway, We decided to all get tattoos a while back and yesterday at 6:00 we finally did it. Three stars, pretty small but big enough, located finally, on our left hip. Looks great, and while we dealed with the pain in different and interesting ways, I will never forget those girls or the memories we have togehter, and OH SO many MORE to come!

Today I went home to help out with the Houghton County Fair Pagent. It was pretty stressful, I mean when I come here I am usually incognito, don*t wanna run into people...why I don*t know. Maybe it*s the air, maybe it*s the hurtful memories I have left behind. Going to the fair, where EVERYONE is, I make my appearance and I leave ASAP. It*s weird, I still think about how it all was just a few short years ago. How we used to all go to fair, rode all the rides, be crazy, and just have a great night. Those nights are over, maybe because we have seen it all, maybe because we have taken in all that was offered. I remember thinking what it would be like when I was 25...turning 21 soon, can*t beleive how time flies. Time passes when you*re having fun, it passes when you*re not have fun, one things for sure, it comes and goes faster then anyone could ever expect. I look at people and realize the new generation has already took its place, and I am no longer apart of it. The people I havegraduated High School with have already have their younger sublings graduating, which tell me, not only have I certainly been forgotten, but I am probably not missed. There are far too many out there to take my place. It*s hard to find our place out there where we are wanted, and where we are missed. It takes time I guess, and luckily I still have alot of that left. Well I hope. My life is deffinetly changing, and in good ways for the most part, I still remember alot of what happened in the past, and I try not to dwell on things I can no longer change, and for the things i can, well, I have only begun.

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