Keeping the Title
12:16 PM | 07-17-03

When you*re 14 you*ve already been through a relationship. Well as you may call it had a boyfriend, and have broken up. You are then titled "THE EX" It didn*t mean much to me as it does now. What responsibility it holds. When you*re that age, it has a certain resoect to it. You were dated, you at one point were wanted and had been dated. Which, makes other guys want you. Confusing, but we*ve all beenthrough it. After that, you become older, and as your reach your later teens, being an EX gets a bit more bitter each time. Now, being many of those titles to many people "an EX" I relaize now what it intails. It*s funny, how the ones you are invovled with always remember your title and not necessarily your name. I get along with al my EX*s all but one. Funny how he is the only one I had a relationship with longer than 6 months. It stings, but I grit my teeth and bare it.

Back to being a EX. I think we all have this example of one. You must be better. Better than the unfortunate girl to be the next willing soul to date your EX. You have to be a bitch, but loved by all. Because lets face it, heaven forbid the sympathy goes out to him and not you. You have to be irresistable. To him and his friends. Make him realize what he has given up, and know that he has made the mistake of giving up what he did and indeed through away, was something he never should have. Then theres the initial attitude we must bare to all. The "been there, done that, and have the tee-shirt to prove it" attitude. I seem to show that off beautifully. Keeping in mind, I show all my scars of my bitter breakups. Which is prolly why I havnt had a boyfriend after my last. Well, not yet.

I thought about this alot last night. And I came out thinking about all my EX boyfriends and the relationships I have had int he past. Wether I was 12 or 20. They were all different, and vwery much a learning experience. But which one will come along, where it will be more? Where it wont end in a bitter dispute? Where we won*t slowly peel away, and leave?

**IN Today*s news**

|Went to physical therapy today, shocked the hell outta me and my back and neck. It was kinda freaky, but after 10 minutes of electricution, it actually started to feel good. All wrapped up like a mummy. All this, just to get a freakin breast reduction. My gawd. What gurls go through. I joked with my thereapist about how much it sucks to work your ass off to have a nice body, be skinny, and then look bigger because of your chest. Ofcourse she prolly doesnt understand having be peolly 120 lbs, and being flat. How I wish I was her. Isn*t it funny, some girls pay to have um, some girls pay to lose um.

So my mum calls me up yesterday, saying, how do you feel about driving to Green Bay Tuesday? "What?" Apparently my mum needs to get eye surgery so yah, nothing serious. So I gotta rearrange all my freakin appointments around that. Looking forward to it, SHOPPING....hello! with mum, she pays...hehehe....So I*m happy. Welp....Ugh....okay better go...peace

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