it*s been a year
6:21 PM | 07-03-03

I*m having a great day...suprisingly. I got up this morning and went tanning with kristin and Kristin, went out to lunch, and went and saw legally blonde 2. Tonight we are going out to eat, and having a few drinks here afterwards. I know right now, a year ago, what I was doing. I was crying and sad, and not myself. Yes, I had a boyfriend, and might have been better off in some ways, but it*s different now. I*m single, happy, and a different person, and while my life chose to took a different path for which I had planned, I can*t help but notice what a great change it is. Last year I was devoted to someone else, and was completly dependant on someone. Now, I*m deoendant on myself and the people who are around me. I*m a better person, I know I am. I can hang out with my friends, I can do whatever I want, whatever I chose. And whatever path my life chooses to take ahead, I know I will be okay, and I will be dependant on what is important. Things and people who will love me no matter what happens or who I am. I*m a better person. Teh anniversarys are gone. I can no longer say one year ago I was with him and we were here and doing this. It*s over, and it has been a year since I have had a boyfriend, and that*s okay. I don*t need anyone else to depend on, but myself. I will not say I am not afraid to fall in luv again, because I am. I*m terrified, and I can*t say I don*t think I will ever be hurt again, becuase you know what, I prolly will be. It happens, it*s life. Teh thing I need to rememeber is, that life begins after one chapter in your life ends. That*s what it*s about. While things in our lives fade and disappear that we may or may not have depend on, we move on. We grow from our experiences, our triumphs, and tragedies. It*s how we become better people,a nd who we are supposed to be. It*s a new day, a new year, I havn*t stopped living, I have only begun. No boy or heartbreak will ever take what makes me special away.

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