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6:17 PM | 07-02-03

Tomorrow will be one year from when Jason and I broke up. It*s weird, because I know there won*t be anymore dates to think about. Like "One year ago from today we were doing this" I know, have to move on. But, it*s just weird, it hurts. I can*t beleive it*s been a year already, it*s so weird to think about when I was with him it seemed like our time together was forever....but not being with him has gone by so fast. I*m staying in Marquette this year. This will be my first July 4th without my family and friends. It*s weird, thinking how much I have moved on. I*ve moved to a different place, different city, and to different people. I thought about tomorrow, I*ve been thinking about it for a long time, and I don*t want to be all depressed. I want to make the best of it, because I know we will both be thinking of eachother tomorrow. It*s something everyone has to go through I guess, and liek my mum says, pretty soon, all we*ll remember of eachother is the goodtimes, and the good memories. She also told me, you never forget about your first luv. It*s depressing to know that, but it also makes me happy to know it will and has gotten better. I know I am alot more independent, and much stronger than I used to be. This experience over the past year has pushed me to learn a great deal about myself and the other people in my life. I got my wish...I had boyfriend once, We were the couple everyone wanted to be, people were jelous, and for awhile, I had what everyone always wants at one point or another. We all wish for it, but what we forget to wish is, it keep that something forever. Wishes are tricky like that, what we want or desire is usually a tangible thing. It goes fades...and disappears to what we want it to be. Maybe this is the way it is supposed to be, for awhile. Alone....I know things in life happen to people for a reason, and I know that we are only dealt with what we can handle. Considering what has happened so far, I know I*m a pretty tough chick. *Smilez*

So tomorrow, I*m going to make the best of things, it*s going to be okay after tomorrow, knowing i have been happily single for a year....made it through a bitter breakup, and so much more.

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