R.I.P. CuJo
12:26 p.m. | 2003-02-01

My cat that I have had since I was 6 years old died three weeks ago, so naturally, my mother informed me about it today. My life right now, is SO fuhked up I can*t even figure out where to begin. In a day my life can change dramatically anduaually it*s for the bad, but the last week it did go for the good, and I gotta say I was a much happier person. But, like all things. All good things must end, and they did. It seems like just when I think something can*t happen, or won*t happen again, it does. But, I gotta teach myself not to take things so hard. I*ve taken things hard all my life, I*ve mourned, weeped, talked, concoled in others, and did everything I could to make myself a better person and learns oemthign from every situtation, but not matter how much you learn, or tell yourself this will never happen again. It can, and probably will. Just because you*ve gone through it all before, or already know what is about to happen, it doesn*t mean you are able to skip it, or just not be affected. It*s like going to get a shot at the doctors. I hate shots more than anything, well spiders suck too, but moving on, No matter what, I know what it feels like to go to the doctors, I know I am goingt o cry more than a 4 year old, and I know that memory of that moment will always be inside of me, but it happens. It something that I have to do. It sux...but well, you live and learn right. You make the same mistakes twice, you do things again, and you learn the same lessons that you have before again. Maybe a bit deeper, maybe slightly different. I*m reading a book called "What looks like Crazy on an Ordinary Day" I gotta say I love it already and I*ve only read like 2 pages. I think all my spare time is going to be going towards school, reading this book, and just taking one step at a time. Instead of chasing boys, and making my life more complicated than it already is. I*m going to forgive my mom for not telling my about CuJo passing, just because well, he*s old, and I have one hell of a mom. I love her, and I love my family. Love my pets too! And, CuJo was old, I drive home yesterday thinking of him. Chasing squirrels, and when he was a baby on the kitchen floor. My mom had brought him home for me after working at a pasty sale. He was in a box with 4 other kittens. He was the only cream colored one. My mom had wanted me to name him champagne. Then it was pasty, and well for the first 5 years of his life the cat didn*t even have a name. Didn*t matter though, somedays you gain, somedays ya lose. And ya know, there*s the days I can do both I wait for. I learn from what I lose, and treature everything I gain. I luv you CuJo....and I know you are happier in heaven sweetie. XOXOXO

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