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10:11 p.m. | 2002-11-11

Kory and Sam were over last night. We ordered pizza and watched "Almost Famous" I never saw it so...anyway Ross IM*ed me and asked where Kory was and he said for him to call him ASAP. He did, right then jason walked into the door. Kory was freakin out on the phone and I didn*t find out why till Kory had hung up. They got their first big break. With the band I mean. I am so happy for them. I wish I could have known them for longer so I could really realize what an accomplishment it is for someone to notice them. I*m so happy for them even thoughits kinda in the air about stuff, I know they*ll be alright. I hate to throw the pizza box from last night. Kory played that song again for me, the one from Yellow Card, rough draft. I love thatdamn song soo much. Listening to it right now infact. Anyway, things with rich have all gone to hell....and I don*t think there*s anyway for me to fix it. It*s a mess. Moving out is looking better by the day. Jason, sam, and I went today to look at a place. It was awesome. This lil old lady lived there and had died in a nursing home. I walked into the house and was freaked out. Everything was left behind. Her wedding pictures, her children*s elementary pictures, furnniture, beds, dishes, everything. I emanyah, it*s cool the place is furnished but gawd, it made me so sad. I justcan*t beleive her family didn*t give a damn to take her special things. I*m still kinda weird about it. I hate change, like most of you know. It scares me the most, I take it the hardest. I think leaving the dorms next semester and moving is hitting me harder than normal becasue of what*s going on. School is just getting harder and harder and Iam like....ugh...oh yah, Sam and I went to the ski hill today to see about our jobs. Hell yah, totally hired. hehe....also met my first ski hottie...jesus..i wanted to marry him. he had these brown eyes that almost out me to shame. It was like "can I touch you? Puhhlleeezze?" hehe...I*m a moron I know. I*m just waitin for someone who will be string ebough to stil laround with me longer than a week or two. Outlook is lokking a bit cloudy but who knows, maybe things will get better. hopefully. welp that*s all for now....I*m gonna go to the library and start studying for my AGD test this Sunday, gotta pass or not only will I be a complete loser, but I won*t be initiated! Eeeek! Lata!

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Time: 10:11 p.m.
Date: 2002-11-11
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