another weekend
6:38 p.m. | 2002-10-27

Hey...another weekend is over and alot has happened. AHHH....Friday...deffinetly didnt have any huge plans, other than go tanning, sleep, and party my life away. No big expectations at all....BUT ofcourse, my life never is like that. Driving into the tanning parking lot, I managed to get mamed by some bastard bitch who didnt look behind her when she was reversing. So yah, $4000 later, I realize that because the accident happend on provate property, the police couldnt determine whowas at fault even though its plain to see it was hers!!!!seriously....but yah dont thik dad is gonna be to thrilled when he realized tuition and my car need to be paid for. Opps!!! Yah, other than that the weekdn has been goin here party there. The sorority thing is goin good nd I*m looking forward to intitiation. Too much work right now, ugh! Oh yah last night.awesome time. Sam (my sweet mate) and I went to the lambda chi halloween party and it was a blast. Drank, danced, partied all night. Although i thoguht i lost my camera was a bummer...that coulnt compare tothe drama that went on. Ugh...yah, they had a band and Sam &b I turned into the biggest band groupies ever!!! It was so awesome....we just oushed and shove are way to the front where they were playing and gawked at them the whole time. I ended up goin home before sam and she called me this morning, not sure why cuz she lives next door to me, but anyways, walked in her room and she totally had the band in her room!!!! Hell yah, they*re really hot! :*) But that's a want too many people over here. haha...yah so this morning we shared our hungover feelings and our stories from the night. Yep, Sam, me, and the band. It was nice havin some new people in the picture. They're really cool guys and im really glad i met um. Sam and I are going home wednesday and stayin at my house to see them play and driving back the next morning and leaving again for Ann Arbor for the Michigan and michigan state game. Hell yah....UofM better get their act togetha!!! Haha...welp thats all..a little comfusing but what the hell do you expect!? haha

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Date: 2002-10-27
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