*Summer Time* UPDATE
6:45 p.m. | 2002-07-02

Okay, it's like 5000 degrees here. It*s Michigan for gawds sake. I like in the northern most part and it gets to be 10 below zero on the winters! What the hell...anyway I have about 23 bugbites now...more comming soon. I dont understand the reason why the DNR or maybe its DNN?? I dunno nature people decided to breed and plant black flies to kill and eat all the catapillers...and now, they're planting god damn spiders to get rid of all the flies. I would just like to say that those people are god damn idiots and desrve to be shot. Not shot, but id like to plant a spider nest right in they're head. i hate spiders! Cripe. Anyway, my summer is going alright I guess...not much is going on besides me working my ass off at the hotel and hanging out as much as possible with people from home considering I dont see them that much when im at school. Quick update on my life of work and play.

Work: I work 60+ hours per week. I get paid ever thursday which is supposed to be my day off but I always get called in. I work at 8:30 AM with my best friend michelle cleaning rooms and then work midnight to 8:00 at the front desk. Do the math and you'll realize real quick how much sleep I get and why im so crabby all the damn time. Ann, is the manager...i dont totally hate her...I work with three other ladies who are well over 50. and then me and michelle who are cadarac free. Ruth is the evil maid me and michelle hate and love to bitch at. We also run away from her too. Less hastle you know. And work is well...work....i meet alot of great people and I get to wear cute clothes when i work at the front desk. Yay :*)

Play: I hang out with either Jason or michelle in my spare time. Jason and I have been going out for what seems like forever. considering my relationships with guys dont always (okay, never) last over 6 months. Anyway Jason practically owns a very well known grocery store and works at the car place and does side work on his own, he is also graduating from ferris Univ. next year, so i see him about 15 minutes of everyday. It blows. As for michelle....we have alot of fun.....we love working together. After we're done working everyday we always go and lay out on the lake and tan for as long as her daycare lady can take care of her son Isiaha. Michelle had her son when she was 19. Shes awesome though and we'll be friends for a very long time. As for that, thats my life...im starving for a vacation and my abercrombie order I placed 3 days ago....other than that....im sleeping. so theres the update on my life that is...uhhh....not clarified at this present time. Tahnx..and ill write more later on....XOXOXO as always....

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Time: 6:45 p.m.
Date: 2002-07-02
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