Last day
10:32 a.m. | 2001-05-23

Yesterday was my last day in High School...and let me tell you it was not what I expected. Everyone knew I would be the cryer of the class, but yesterday...not many tears were shed from me. Yesterday was fun...after every class we would all gather in the hallways and scream how many hours were left in the day, we took picture after picture, we yelled and threw confetti in the hallways and said our goodbyes. I got my letter back from my 7th grade english teacher that I had written to myself in 7th grade. After reading it I didn't cry....I just thought about how much I have really changed. I have changed so much..and even in a day I feel like i am a totally different person. I still don't know what I will be doing after I graduate. I may or may not go to college right away. Maybe thats a bad thing maybe it isn't. I guess its my decision. Yesterday I watched my class and my friends celebrate. It was all really great...and I will remember it forever. Counting down the last few minutes of our time at Hancock High School I looked around...I saw groups of friends taking hugs...laughing..and smiling. I smiled and just took a deep breath in. I couldn't hear anyhting around me but my heart beating faster than ever. It was the weirdest feeling. The football games are over now, there are no more hockey games to cheer at...and there will be no more assignment to complete at all hours of the night the night before they're due. These things I will miss....I knew this would all be comming up soon and the things I will be losing I will miss...but there is alot to come yet. I am excited for the new memories to come and I am excited for this Sunday at 1:30. I'll finally be graduating. I*l see my brothers, I*ll see my nephew...I'll spend as much time as I can with my friends, and then I*ll let go. This stage in my life has been a wild and crazy one and I don't think anyone can disagree with me on that one. I just gotta smile and remember. One thing I wil lremember about last night is that I do have alot of friends who love me....and I love them just as much, and even if I do lose them along the way I still will have the memeories...and even if that doesn't seem like alot now...i know it will be in the end.

After school yesterday I went out to a party at Brandon's camp...almost the whole class was was great....jason went with me along with jade, lynn, chris, natalie, Ect. they were all drinking but i decided not to...wish I would have...they were all sitting at the end of the was pitch black outside and jason and I were walking down to talk to them...well...I was ahead of jason and walking out onto the dock that I thought was a whole dock not in the shape of a "T" I walked...right off...right off into the water. Yah...after everyone got up after rolling on the grounf laughing I found out jade did the same thing...she was drunk...yah...i stand alone on that one...I was completely sober. Nice...I got a picture of Jade and me soaking wet. haha...that i will never forget...well I gotta go order my graduation cake for have fun...XOXOXO

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