Almost done....still not ready
10:34 p.m. | 2001-05-21

It's funny how the distance can make you feel close of the things you*ve lost and the things you want most. The weather here was great this weekend. It all went by so fast. I had an absolute great time at prom. My hair was awesome...the dress was great and jason...he look adorable. The grand march which is when all the parents go at 8:00 and all the coupled walk down a long hall way to show off their dresses...well anyway Jason and I walked down and right in the middle he grabs and picks me up. It was so cute....he carried me along the rest of the hallway. It was very memroble. Seeing Jason's mom and my mom just smiling and talking to us. Jade, Abby, and Heather went too. Memories like that I will never forget. I found a quote online that was "Sooner or later we all discover that the important moments in life are not the advertised ones, not the birthdays, the graduations, the weddings, not the great goals achieved. The real milestones are less preprossessing. They come to the door of memory." That quote says it all...Teh memories that I have shared with my class of 2001 and the rest f my friends and family so far will forever be in my mind. I know pepoe dofferent now, and I guess I*ve changed too. and things that I thoguht were right...I know were wrong for me and others. For a while I didn't know if I changed in a way I liked. I lost alot...but I think I*ve gained more. I am bein optimistic on this one...I*m hoping that later on, it will all pay off.....I know people differently now...I know myself differently. I like people now for who they are..not for who they are striving to be. This goes for me too. Everyone is striving to be someone....everyone is striving for something. I guess its just the way you decide to go for it that makes you different from everyone else. That's what makes us special...that's what makes us different. This weekend alot will be changing in my life. I will finally be graduating from high school. I just want people to know that no matter where life takes you, big cities,

small towns, you'll inevitably to come across small minds, people who think they're better than you are, people who think that material things or being pretty or popular automatically makes you a worth while human being. Well, none of these things matter unless you have a strength of character, integrity, a sense of pride. And if you're lucky to have any of these things, don't ever sell them. Don't ever sell out. So when

you meet a person for the first time, please don't judge them by their station in life, because who knows, that person just might end up being your best friend. Love, peace, and happiness....tomorrow is my last day of high school....I*ll be bringing two things with three rolls of film...and a box of kleenex to dry my many tears. Tomorrow I*m letting go...or beginning to. I*ll say goodbye to the teachers I have always known...I will close my locker for the last time and I will cry....I will wear my cap and gown like we always do...I will yell after every period and scream how many hours are left in the day. I will hug my friends...and i will cry again. I will buy my graduation tickets, and I will write out a few more senior pictures with never enough room to say what you want tto say. And after it is all over...I will cry...and then I will smile...because I will know that even though people may think I have not earned it...I know in my heart I have earned the right to graduate with my class of 2001. I have earned the tears and the goodbyes from my peers from so long. This is it..and I know I*m not ready...but ya know...who ever is? I*ll see ya later....XOXOXO

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