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8:05 p.m. | 2001-05-15

Jade, Abby, and I have been hanging out alot lately and Jade wrote me this today. i laughed my ass off...just thoguht I*d share her lil poem to me.

It was tuesday, May 15th, a night like no other,

Amy came out with Jade and Abby and left home her mother!

They jumped in the toyota, the color is baby blue.

Then of course Jade, Amy and Abby knew what to do!

With their best friend Bob right by their side,

And then on their bikes they will ride!!

First they break out the BFJs.....

well, and then the 3 girls, they are in a haze!

Amys the one whos ideas are bright,

over who puts in the damn gas, lets not fight!!!

abby s the one whos gets us around,

but if shes too bobbed, we might be ditch bound!

and then theres Jade, who I guess isnt much help!

But settles Abby down if she freaks out with a yelp!

Wait, Jade is helpful, the BFJs she rolls!!

And also when needed, she packs the bowls!

So, us three together what a team we are!

We could make a real killing if we ran a bar!

Tearing up the town, it's the girls of the night!

hey! so what if we're not too bright!

We got our good looks and our talents when it comes to Bob!

When we are on a mission, we always complete the job!

But Jade is slacking, in the picture is no plowe!!

If i dont get my shit together i am going to end up dating a fucking COW!

Hahaha, what a joke!

I can't wait to just take a toke!

Of a big fat JIBBER that is, your favorite word!!!

I love it too, but i like smoking it better you nerd!

So, tonight we have fun, remember the plan!

Maybe we could even drink a few brewskys out of a can??!

Smoke, bike, smoke, eat, smoke, smoke, eat, smoke?

Say that fast and it sounds like a funny joke??

But you got to believe it, its really all true!

Tonight, that is what Amy, Abby and Jade are going to do!

What a good ryhme, you should hear me spit it when i'm high!

But we ar going to be later, so i must say goodbye!

Ta ta for now, signing out this is Jade.

I think this weekend i need to get laid??

Aint' i funny, but dont you laugh!

I will smoke a BFJ and you can have the other half!

Cuz we are all such good BUDS, we all like to share,

Better call me as soon as you are done with your hair!!!!

My new number you do not know,

So i better leave it with you before i go,


If you don't call me you wont be alive!

Tonight, fun and games will take over the scene!

We will cheifin' the BIG MEAN GREEN! hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

DiRty StuFf || All ClEaN!!


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