"Blast" misleadings
3:15 p.m. | 2001-05-08

School is almost out and the day has gone pretty damn fast. Last night kinda sucked. I got to work only to have my mom come in there bitching that everyone was locked out of the house. Who’s fault? She said mine…I told her to get the hell out of my store. Hehe…Seriously I gave her my house key that morning and she lost it. So I had to go out on my break and climb up the ladder and go through the bathroom window. Amy saves the day again. Ugh…and today….everyone is bitching about when Blast is gonna be. For those who are curious…Blast is known throughout. It is otherwise known as the biggest party all year. It is thrown by the senior class of whatever High School and because hancock (where I am) and Houghton are the biggest…ours are usually the best. This year we are combining with Houghton. Actually, because Houghton is pretty dysfunctional and always seem to have problems getting the beverages…they are combining with us. Anyway what the whole deal is about is when we are going to have it. Personally after doing some minor research and looking back at my past experiences at Blast I have realized that Blast is always BEFORE graduation….no questions asked. Everyone goes…everyone drinks, everyone has a well…blast. Anyway, this year some of my fellow classmates…their names will remain silent are getting a bit wild because their graduation party is on the same day. The 25th. What the hell the big deal is about that…I will never know. Anyway they are saying that they want everyone to be at their damn graduation party and are afraid that if Blast is the same day no one will show up at their lil party. What the hell people. Their party ends at 9:00 PM…people don’t even go out to Blast till 10 or 11. oh yah its an out door thing…just fun…fire…and beer..errr…..beverages. Hehe….well….now the people who are having problems with the 25th want Blast to be on the 1st. Which is after graduation….stupid…stupid…stupid….it just won’t be the same. It’s a big deal too…a lot of people have different opinions and I know its hard to make everyone happy but being the VP (vice president) of the DHS (Dishoners Society) I feel that May 25th will be the day of Blast…the location is yet to be decided but will be announced later so we can avoid and unfortunate mishabs with the pigs. So there it is…my feelings on that whole situation. Oh yah good quote I heard today…

To know who you are, you must know who you were. It’s the seed of who you will become.

C-ya later though….XOXOXO

10 more daze of school!!!!!

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