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06:31 p.m. | 2001-03-26

I*m dork today....i am actually having a pretty good day besides a few more disagreements with my second rental car. haha...Nicole and i were off and with my "88 orange cavilier we were driving to skewl when I ran outta gas. It sucked so bad.....she ended up having to run over the gas station and brong some back in a god damn paper cup. It was hilarious. I found out today that I got an A in Smith's class. i am so pumped.....that class is harder than hell and he failed me in his History class in 8th grade. Nice to show him up. haha...i remember that summer in summer skewl with Janna. We were just little rebels with the old teacher who taught us. i doubt she passed her courses cuz she didn't know shit. Anyway yah, after skewl I got my car finally!!!!!! and i cruised around for an hour. I missed my car SOOOOO much!!!!! It is so beautiful.....my black bubble of death is back! Yay...Oh tyah...this weekend was cool...Ricky and I hung out all weekend and i met some more people from Lake Linden and Calumet. I met this guy named Jason who is pretty cool. I felt kinda weird actually liking his personality but considering jared didn't call me when he said he would or bother to e-mail me back diesn't make me feel bad anymore. Saturday Ricky and I went to jason's house and few other guys were there. We drank, played pool, and just laughed. i got pretty wasted after a 5th of Apple Pucker and my pills. Not the brightest thing I*ve done but I was nervouse and when I*m nervous i tend to drink. I had an awesome time....we watched movies and went to another party. Jason was great and his friends kept asking me if I would wanna hook up with Jason. I dunno, if I*m ready.....I mean..I*m still pissed at J- I don't think he really cares...not at all. I care and i want to call him so bad and i want to e-mail him everyday but he doesn't. So what am I supposed to do....listen to sad sappy songs and never go out with another guy again. Probably not. I dunno I have alot of things still to figure out. Well better go...Jason is calling me later and Ricky is sick...ack...hope jason doesn't ask me to come over...I*ll be so nervous i*ll drink myself to deatH! AHHHHHHHHHH.....XOXO

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Time: 06:31 p.m.
Date: 2001-03-26
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