10:19:33 | 2001-03-16

Last night was the b-ball game for regionals in marquette. i went with janna, Besu, Danielle, and Kristy...with nanue, bobby, and jake following behind. We all had alot of fun even thou we lost. Afterwards janna and I were scoping out all the other players from the oppsosite side. yah, there were a couple hotties. *Smilez* "therrian" being one of them. Damn....anyway....Janna and I got pretty rowdy at that game....bitching at the reffs and screaming at other fans on the other side. It was pretty fun. It was a pretty good game...glad i went. I got home at 11 or so....checked my e-mail and got a few messages. I dunno lately i have been feeling so weird. I think I might be getting sick again and i have no idea why. I never get sick...but now I feel like I have the biggest knot in my throat and my teeth are still not better. Driving home last night we stopped at Wendy's and i probably should have been really hungry but instead I had a small Cherry coke and spit out about a pint of blood from my tooth. After nanue stepping in it and bitching up a storm we all left...i took some codein and then wrapped up in two jackets and a huge ass blanket that janna brought in the car. I have never been so cold in my life. Plus Janna and Kirsty were smoking in the front seats so the windows were open half the time. Getting home was great...i*m sick of sitting in a car....I finally called J- don;t know why I even one answered. i dunno...i can't eat, I toss around all night and wake up to do nothing. All I wanna do is drink liquids and bleh nothing. SOmehtings wrong....and i don't know what it is. Off the subject....I have no clue what I am going to do this weekend...I heard of a few parties here and there and ricky called me to see if I was okay. I am...knowing me....and now...i*ll stay home and sleep all day. My mom thinks there's something wrong with me cuz i have been doing thingsa roudn the house like taking out the garbage, making my bed every morning, and walking the dog without being asked to do it. why I do's because even though some other stuff is well...gone....and totally messed up...without anything...I try to make other things better. Thats's a good thing too. Yah.....well I better get goin....bye...and have fun

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Time: 10:19:33
Date: 2001-03-16
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