Has it been that long?
10:46:47 | 2001-01-23

Where have i been you may...or may not be asking...but in this case you are. I am have EvErYWhErE!~ and then some. Gawd SOOOO much has happened since I last decided to update this thing. Finally my life becomes interesting...no...but we*re going to pretend. So I8m sitting here in computer class bored as hell and nothing to do. I*m supposed to be going over the chapter on Database..but since I got an A- in this class, I don*t feel its necessary. Besides, everyone around be is giggling, laughing, and playing every computer game imaginable. Anyway so whats been goin on? Well Jared my boy....came up to see my ass about two weeks ago...fun fun....and then he left and I cried and well that enough on that subject. i8m leaving in well less then a month to Ohio to find an apartment of some sort. See, I have made a decision, Amy is moving out and moving to Ohio..not exactly my choice of states....but since my boyfriend kinda lives there and is going to skewl...and the fact I have no idea what the hell I am doing for the remainding days of my life I suppose I can move and atleast be able to see the one person who has interest in me. Yah...no...I*m not that depressing. Really....Anyway second semester of skewl has started and to say the least my 6th hour class is well very intiminating and well my teacher Mr. Smith...scares the hell outta me. Should be interesting. The rest of my classes are alright and i should do fine...at this point or day...I cannot wait to graduate....I*m really looking forward to it but at the same time, well some days i feel like I*m gonna lose it....like leaving everyhting I am so used to could tear me apart. I know I*m tougher than that...if thats even a word but I dunno...gets kinda hectic...I need a B average to not have to take my final exams so that what I*m shooting for. After graduation, I have two weeks to pack and then I*m gone. So thats what has been goin on...well in my head mostly. My days are pretty much the same.....work at vanity like 3 days a week....8 hours...8 GROULING hours! go home...hang with Michelle....whoz almost gonna pop...(she*s pregnant) and wait till my boy calls me....yah...not quite the gurl I once was...partying, comming home at all hours of the night and morning, and just being crazy...though I am still crazy and I am still a lil weird but still, things have changed...for the good...maybe...this you and me will have to determine. Well c-ya later....

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Time: 10:46:47
Date: 2001-01-23
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