A *New* Toy
21:15:49 | 2000-09-16

Welp, today my dad and I went shopping for a new Toy....haha...a new car...I must tell you thou this is quite an adventure....and after 5 hours, one trip to subway, five walks around the parking lot, 7 different test drives, and my dad sighing heavily for atelast an hour, i finally drive off in a 99 black ford Taures. I must say, not exactly what I was panning on getting but it will deffinetly do for the time being. To tell you the truth I feel groen up in this car....I know I know, its just a car, but really a car kinda says something about you. Well so does yer laundry ya know that lint stuff that comes outta the dryer...I have lint from my cheerleading uniform, clothes, sweaters, socks, chapsticks, money, and well these are all htings in my life...as to my car....I know the backdeat soon will be piled to the roof with my shoes, sweatshirts, books, bags, and other things that I feel is necessary to take everywhere, in other werds I ma too lazy to take these things outta my car. For my birthday, my dad is goin to get a sunroof in for me....I can*t wait...it looks pretty cool except well....my mom...she has been bitching at me for weeks to get a car and now that I finally did (mind you I did on my one day off of werk in 8 weeks) she is mad....why? becuz she is just being her...she is mad becuz it is bedder than her car and in some ways i inderstand...I*d be kinda pissed too if my ex husband bought my kid a bedder car then I had. I feel bad, but what exsactly am I supposed to do? That I cannot even begin or want to ponder or solve. I got a fuhking car...to get me from A to B....Northern or Ohio...here to there...something my mother and me are goin to have to cope with. i*m not getting any younger here and in one month and a day I will be 18....an adult...right there is a scary position that I am being shoved in to. I htink I just need to slow down...but I can*t becuz everyone knows once you are goin 100 MPH it takes a while to slow down. I will...someday....Haha...herez a thought...I should be a hobo, wake up one place and not know where ill end up next, but i cant. Unless there ever arises a degree in 'hobology' Im on a conveyor belt with millions of others, which if at any time any we fall off, its gonna be fucking hard to get back on and survive. No one can be a happy hobo. Although....if I was a hobo..I wouldn*t have a car...in which my mother would not be mad at me for, in which I would not have to move away to college, in which i could just be me and not have to werry what other think or will bitch about....yah that hobo thing is lookin pretty good right now. But then again look at htis way...Why should I have to walk around with fake smiles and fake laugh's just so my family can be happy in there lil perfect world's? I dunno...and I think too much.....and my head hurts so ya know...have a nice day....

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Time: 21:15:49
Date: 2000-09-16
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