Scary werld out there
15:11:43 | 2000-08-21

An hour ago I got off the phone with Jared becuz he had to go to werk so I decided to take my dog for a walk. **LATER** So I just got back from walking my dog and well i thought I would share this lil adventure with you. Its a very normal thing to do. Ya know taking my dog for a anyway, I*m walking my dog down the long stretch to my house when I realize that every single car that has gone by has beeped their horn. They drew the last straw when the last car yelled out "Hey Baby!!!!" and speeded away. You know fellas, Im doing you all a favor to tell you that normal girls are not impressed by dangerous and retarded driving. Well at least Im not. It is so immature. I was getting so aggravated. A girl cant walk her dog down the street without being bombarded with mindless losers. I mean I was dressed very casually, not at all sleazy, so I just dont get it. I guess I was just sorta insulted and I guess disappointed in all males for at least an hour. It makes me sick. UGH! Now that I got that outta my system...Nicole called me like 45 minutes before I had to go to werk.....and asked if i wanted to go get my schedule for skewl...what a dork...i totally forgot we could pick them up today so I decided i just couldn*t wait and went to pick her up. ONly to find i had a shitty ass schedule...well not too bad but still....i have computer with Miller forst hour, then Art II with Garver...good gawd...then I have 3 and 4th hours off to go werk at the medical center...answering phones, filing, and spreaddsheet stuff, which mean Amy has no lunch period...guess i*ll be starving....yay....then I have shitty ass classes the rest of the day....well its not that bad i guess...not too many people have two hours off of skewl...UGH! AND we get out at 3:27!!!!!!!! and start at 8:00!!!!! I have already informed my lil morning buddy (nicole) that we are going to make multiple coffee stops thru out the year in the morning. We*ll have a senior....I gotta say I never thought this year would come. I cannot wait for it....All in all I*m gonna have a great year.....I know it...and if I don*t I*ll jump off the bridge. Oh calm down, people do it every day...everyone lives...hell...we were talking at werk and Korynn was tellin me how one of yer kinda odd friends was gonna kill himself and he jumped off the bridge and a 100 dollar fine and was sent into treatment....haha...chnged his mine drastically....not the treatment....but the understanding that if ya wanna kill yerself don*t jump off our what....5 foot bridge...haha....he*s alive and happy don*t werry. Well don*t know what brough that on but I think I*m gonna go. later....

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Date: 2000-08-21
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