23:03:35 | 2000-08-18

I have just been bouncing ff the walls today. I think...no...I know it's sugar related. Anyone who knows me, has never seen me w/o candy. Even when we go out to eat, I always order coffee then commence pouring heaps of sugar into my cup. I got thru like 25 packets of sugar. Today I was dipping my finger into kool-aid and sugar while talking on the phone with jared. i think he thinks I*m a lil weird....i am but still its weird knowing he knows that. I get so antsy sometimes...like I have to be moving or doing something at all times...I have to have a plan of attack but not always, and when I don*t have somethin to do i got nutz...i fiddle with things and write stuff down. Its a lil stange but we all do it. I*m all ready to go out now but Michelle isn*t off of werk yet and Dave (her ex boyfriend) is driving out to Laura*s...It*s supposed to be big....hope it is but i know all I*ll be thinking about it Jared...i werry about myself..how far is too far...I could never cheat on the boy intentionally but then again who could do that to someone they truely care for? I guess I trust mysekf but I don*t trust boyz...boyz are bad...all of em...cept for Jared...hehe....nah, it*ll be okay...i have my cell phone....He knowz he can call at anytime...so its all good. I gotta say...I love the kid...he talks about everything with me....graduating, school, friends, family, and even if he knows nothing about the situation, he does a pretty damn well good job pretending...and i like that...not too many people can pull that off. I got a magazine today from pottery barn....one of my fav magazines and thats pretty big when yer competing with A&F. haha....I*m such a gurl....anyway, I*ve decided that I am going to decorate my house with all accesories and furniture with pottery barn...I love it...their rooms look so cozy and compfortable...I love couches that like invite you...couches that you cannot get out of....they like eat you up....hehe...why I am talking about this is beyond me. I think I would be a good decorater....deffently not a english major....I*m sure people already guessed that from my many spelling errors. I don*t care....well i*m still waiting for michelle and I*m sure I can go find something to do...maybe brush my hair...out on some lip gloss....gawd...i am deffenetly a gurl....*Smilez*

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Time: 23:03:35
Date: 2000-08-18
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